What Are the Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get

If you have noticed that there are areas in your garden or lawn that are drying up and turning brown, it could be down to your sprinkler system malfunctioning. If you think that you require sprinkler repair, then TLC Irrigation is the company to call. Details on what we offer can be discovered by simply reading this frequently asked questions post today.

What makes your company stand out?

Could it be our massive 42 years of experience? Yes, that’s what we said, our company started way back in 1987, and in this time we have earned the trust of all our Joshua, TX based clients, so they know that they will receive only the best workmanship and affordable prices when hiring our services. Our work is detail orientated, which means our eye for detail is precise, and to enable our workmanship we make sure to only use the best materials, systems, and equipment. We are known for our reliability, punctuality, honesty, and integrity, all values that we consider important. We also provide other services, but we are getting ahead of ourselves somewhat, details on what they are can be found further in this post.

If I hired your lawn sprinkler installation service, can I use my Visa card?

You can, we take MasterCard, Diners Club, AMEX, Discover, checks, most debit cards, and cash.

Do you offer free estimates for your sprinkler system design service?

We offer one with all the services that we provide. Also, you are not bound to hire us on the strength of it. To discover how competitive our prices are, feel free to ring around and request multiple quotes to compare to ours.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do, but they vary, remember to ask us about this upon the first contact.

Does your home lawn sprinkler system company work with any commercial clients?

We do, to be honest, a sprinkler system, no matter where it is installed is pretty much the same in any setting.

TLC Irrigation is available from when?

Our business hours are listed below:

Monday – Saturday: 4 AM – 6 PM

Sunday: Closed

Tell me what your other services include?

Sure, please read the list below:

  • Irrigation System Repair
  • Landscaping
  • Sprinkler System Design
  • Sprinkler System Installation

Clarity on these is available on request.

Are there any services you do not provide?

Yes, we DO NOT offer the building of retaining walls, or masonry work.

Will your lawn sprinkler system contractor only work within the confines of Joshua, TX?

No, our other areas of work include the following:

  • Crowley, TX
  • Cross Timber, TX
  • Rendon, TX
  • Forest Hill, TX
  • Kennedale, TX

Any sensible suggestions to other towns will be considered.

Are you licensed, insured, and certified?

We are, and have the documents to prove it, and will not be offended if you want to see said documents, as this is your right as a consumer.

Do you provide any warranties?

Yes, we provide them, and like our discounts, will depend on the service.

In summary to our frequently asked questions article, if you have unanswered questions by the time you have finished reading this post, or to make an appointment with us for a free estimate, please do not hesitate to call us at (817) 754-4260 today or within the hours listed here.